What's the best way to make an appointment? 

I do all scheduling via email by filling out the form on the home page and contact page of this site. It's the easiest way to keep everything in one place. Please do not text for appointments or use Instagram direct messages since it's difficult for us to keep track of (and sending DM's after an email doesn't make it any quicker!). It can take a few days to get back to everyone—sometimes up to a week or two—so please be patient. My assistant and I take the time to answer each email in the order they're received.


Why a consultation?

I prefer an in-person consultation, if it is possible. We'll have the chance to brainstorm together, and I can nail down all the elements of your tattoo. Once I have an idea of the design's placement and size, it is easier for me to give a price estimate. A $100 deposit is required to reserve the time slot for your tattoo and secure my prep/drawing time. You can do this at the consultation, and we can schedule a day for your tattoo. This is always much easier than correspondence over email. However, if it is too far for a consultation, let me know and we can work something out :)


When can I get tattooed? What is your availability? 

I typically book out 3-6 weeks in advance, by appointment only. I fit in as many appointments as possible, but if you need a weekend day, it can be about a month or two wait. Weekends book the quickest, so the wait is obviously a less for a weekday. But don't worry—I will always do my best to accommodate your schedule.


I have an appointment but I want to see the drawing. When do I get it?

I spend the majority of my day with my hands busy tattooing, then deal with emails and drawing for the coming week after I get home from work. I try to complete 3-5 drawings per day to keep up, but I do my best to be ready for appointments in the order they come up in the schedule. I don't send clients drawings in advance via email, but occasionally will send layout options along with questions if I run into them. I can easily edit your drawing, with your help, the day of your appointment.


How much do you charge?

My hourly rate is $200 per hour. I typically only charge hourly for large, ongoing projects. The price of your tattoo will depend on the difficulty/detail/complexity of the design, the size, and the placement on your body. At the consultation, I can give you a pretty accurate price range. If you have a budget, let me know and I'm sure I can work with you!


How do I take care of my new tattoo? 

I strongly recommend using a hospital grade, waterproof bandage called Tegaderm. This method gives you a healed tattoo in less than a week, with no scabbing and minimal peeling with virtually no maintenance. We have everything you need to know about the aftercare of your new tattoo right here on our site. To see these instructions and videos on how to apply Tegaderm, click here.

If you'd rather stick with the tried and true method of washing and lotion application, wash with Dial anti-bacterial soap and moisturize with lotion. For instructions on traditional healing, you can find them directly underneath the Tegaderm application videos—just click the Aftercare tab above or click here.


I need a touch-up. What do I do?

As long as there's no sign of picking, soaking your tattoo (Trust me, if you did, it is obvious!) or extended sun exposure, a touch up is free, as I guarantee all my work. If you picked at it or went in the water right away, or simply just didn't care for your tattoo, there will be a small charge for a touch up, but it is usually (the minimum) $60-$100 to fix it up. Send me an email to schedule and be sure to include a picture of the tattoo so I know how much time to set aside for your touch up.


You didn't post my tattoo on your Instagram. Do you hate me? :(

No, of course not! There are a few reasons why I may not post a tattoo. Sometimes I get a terrible photo (lighting issues) or you're swollen or skin is super red, or I simply forgot to post after work (You know... the "I'll do it in the morning" situation). Sometimes I have to make a decision on what to post on Instagram based on what kind of tattoos I'm looking to do. For example, I can do a mandala tattoo, but if I post one, I'll get several emails to do mandalas. I typically don't post tattoos that are black and grey, or blackwork, unless the subject matter is quirky and I can get a good, non-irritated photo. Please don't take it personally, as it doesn't mean I did not enjoy giving you the tattoo or that I didn't do my best work on it. It's simply that I'm looking to do certain styles of tattoo. Instagram has become a living portfolio for the majority of tattoo artists, and because of this, I strive to become known for consistency in my posts.  

There's a great vlog here on this topic if you're interested :)